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PolyTest System

PolyTest System

The PolyTest™ system has been in development for more than six years and has proven its reliability in use under a variety of site conditions.

Its modular construction permits quick adjustment to accommodate varying pipe diameters, and a simple exchange of probe and wedge combinations on the scanner carriage enables the system to cover butt and electrofusion welds of varying thicknesses.

Ongoing development of the system will introduce further simplification in the assembly and reduction in the number of system components. Current priorities include improving its already impressive ruggedness and tweaks to its user interface, in response to feedback from system operators in the field.

Scanner Hardware

  • Chain scanner links and connectors, with constant tension adjustment to account for pipe ovality and ease scanner system movement
  • Probe mounting carriage including positional encoder, adjustable span for positioning flexibility and constant-force springs to maintain probe position on scan surface in all orientations
  • Quick-release wedge and probe combinations to cover full range of weld types and thicknesses

Phased Array Unit and Software

  • Gekko™ phased array acquisition unit from M2M, or any commercially available phased array unit.

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Built-in site report function
  • Advanced off-unit data analysis software for detailed reporting