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PolyTest System in Use

PolyTest System in Use

The PolyTest™ system has been validated on polyethylene (PE100, PE80 and PE4710) pipe welds over a diameter range of 90 to 900mm, and wall thickness from 8 to 72mm.

Portable and site-proven, the scanner can be used in manufacturing environments or in-trench, without taking the pipe under inspection out of service.

The system complies with the requirements of ASTM E3044 'standard practice for ultrasonic testing of polyethene butt fusion joints’, ASME BPVC Section III, Mandatory Appendix XXVI and also the forthcoming ISO technical specifications.

We continue to test and validate PolyTest’s capabilities, as we work to further increase its range and effectiveness in the field.

See the PolyTest system in operation on TWI’s YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/5P3cCGCgjBQ

Case studies

Case studies of past inspection activities can be viewed via the links below: