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PolyTest Inspection Services

PolyTest Inspection Service Options

The PolyTest system is available for all inspection requirements and via two options.

Option 1 – Whole package inspection service

TWI Ltd. can supply PolyTest inspection services using experienced field technicians backed up by data analysis and reporting carried out at TWI, with personnel involved with the development process over a number of years, and supported by TWI expertise in plastics and plastic welding. Case studies showcase the situations where this service has proved vital to clients around the world.

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Option 2 – Inspection service collaboration

TWI previously offered an option to become a PolyTest system service provider, through a collaborative approach with a three phase implementation process, resulting in exclusive rights to the use of the PolyTest system within an agreed geographical region.

Due to initial low demand and recent organisational changes, TWI have decided to suspend this Option until such time as there is an identified demand and it can be guaranteed that we are in a position to ensure safe reliable delivery of the PolyTest Inspection Collaborative Service and continued equipment and technical support of the PolyTest system and processes.

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