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PolyTest Development History

PolyTest Development History

This vast global network of pipelines features an estimated 700 million PE welds – mainly concentrated in the gas and water utilities, mining, energy and process plant industry sectors. However, the lack of a commercially available product means the majority of these welds are not adequately inspected to verify their through-weld integrity. It was this need that inspired the creation of a system for the inspection of welds in PE/plastic piping.

Investigation into the volumetric inspection of PE pipe welds started at engineering research and consultancy organisation TWI in the mid-1980s, initially via a series of internally funded research projects on conventional ultrasonic and radiographic inspection techniques.

From 1998 until the present day this work has continued via a number of European-funded projects, supplemented by North American joint industry projects and further internal funding to develop the PolyTest™ phased array ultrasonic inspection system for butt fusion and electrofusion joints in PE pipes.

Over these years the PolyTest system has undergone various design iterations and supporting ultrasonic equipment changes to evolve into the advanced system that it is today.


PolyTest™ leaflet : (English)

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